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SOD Inside

Unimog meeting at SOD

With the best weather, on the last Saturday in May, we received a visit from members of the Unimurr forum. SOD was the destination of an excursion by Unimog friends from the surrounding area. After a brief welcome, Johannes Reichenberger led the …

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SOD Special

Pimp your Dodge

"Cool ... but something is missing" we thought when our Dodge RAM 1500 was delivered. And we wouldn't be SOD if we hadn't thought of anything. The result: The Dodge in SOD guise, raised with tires on Micky Thompson off-road rims including wheel …

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Grand California / BASE

Roof tent

SOD innovation for the Grand California 680 and the BASE series - the SOD roof tent. It offers two additional beds and can be accessed from the inside with a pull-out ladder. This turns the roof into a chill-out area. Best of all: The roof hatch is …

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Off-road package

SOD Proline

The off-road package for vehicles that are used in open and unpaved terrain. Suitable for all Volkswagen Crafter and MAN TGE from 2017 onwards.

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Uncompromising off-road

SOD Rise 4x4

The all-terrain Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5032 forms the basis for our completely redesigned SOD RISE 4x4-5032. The 4x4 Unimog with double cab offers everything we need as a platform for our off-road camper - sophisticated, robust technology, remarkable …

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Over the top!

SOD Peak 8x6

The SOD PEAK 8x6 is based on the Mercedes-Benz Arocs and offers everything an expedition vehicle of this class needs - sophisticated, robust technology, remarkable performance and absolute comfort for driver and passengers.

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